While interviewing my friends and family My goal was to ask how quarantine affected their mental health in early 2020. As I conducted my interviews it was obvious that every person felt as though the shut down due to the pandemic had affected their mental health negatively. My collective interviews prove that most people’s mental health was drastically affected during the peak of covid-19 in America.

My first interview was with a lifelong friend, Alexa Covias . Not only did she say her mental health was affected by covid, but also zoom classes and online education. Covais explains in her…

Andrew Neidnig is my older brother who is an EMT I remember him leaving the house for work during the peak of quarantine to transport patients from New York City to hospitals more upstate. Seeing first hand how he dealt with the pandemic and how often he worked with Covid-19 Positive patients inspired me to interview him.

Vitoria -Did covid- 19/ Quarantine affect your mental health?

Andrew-Covid-19 affected my mental health in many ways. In my personal life I was stuck quarantined and unable to do the things I would normally do for fun like see my friends. …

Ryan Camberdella is another Freshman here at Siena College and has become one of my good friends. I chose to interview him so I could understand the life of someone who is Immunocompromised during a pandemic.

Victoria- Does the fear of catching the virus prevent you from doing different activities?

Ryan -Living with Type 1 Diabetes and being in a household with a younger sibling that is undergoing a form of chemotherapy, the fear of contracting the Coronavirus forced my family and I to ‘hide’ in the safety of our own home. When the virus was at its greasiest peak…

Maureen Neidnig, my mother, has been a covid nurse since the start of our first quarantine.I chose to interview her because she has been working hands on with the virus for over a year now. Being a covid nurse at first was a scary job to watch my mother have, but as time went on It got less scary.

Victoria- Do you believe working during quarantine helped keep you busy or hurt you mentally?

Maureen- Working during quarantine had it’s positives and negatives, yes I was kept busy however, I felt mentally drained. …

Alexa Covias is a freshman at SUNY Orange who is pursuing a degree in early childhood education. She has not set foot in a classroom since the first shut down on March 13th, 2020. I chose to interview Alexa because she has been my friend for as long as I can remember and I have seen the different experiences we have had while I am away on campus.

Victoria-Did switching to zoom school affect your mental health?

Alexa -Switching and doing school on zoom has definitely affected my mental health. It is hard to sit in front of a computer…

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My mom nurse

Business owner

Immuno compromise

Small business owner

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How did covid 19 affect people’s mental health?

I want to learn what it was like working during the shutdown when everywhere else was closed.

Do you believe working during quarantine helped keep you busy or hurt you mentally?

What things did small business owners do to help their businesses?

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How mental health was affected during the pandemic

That everyone go through things we may not be able to see

Hi Haley, I like how you were able to switch your routine to better yourself. I agree that quarantine messed up a lot of peoples daily routine. I wish I also did this at the time instead of continuing to stay lazy. Did you stick to your routine?

For many coping with the pressures of Covid-19 was difficult. They had to try many different new hobbies before finding out which one suited them. Some tried knitting, running, exercising, playing instruments, and baking.

For me personally, I picked up laziness, an awful sleeping schedule, and an obsession with Netflix. Not my proudest moment, but I did not use the quarantine to its full potential like many others. I used quarantine as a break from reality. I was able to take a step back and let everything around me soak in while I sit alone. I believed this helped me…

Hi Katie I really like how you used your own personal experience in this. Many people forget about the younger kids that also had to have different moving-up ceremonies than normal. It's great that the kids were still excited for their day. How adorable was the ceremony?

Hi Taylor I like how you connected Peanuts to the paper products. This was a huge part of the pandemic that a lot of people have seemed to forget about. How did you think of this idea?

Victoria Neidnig

Hi my name is Victoria Neidnig and I am from Minisink NY. I love spending time with friends and family and being outside.

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