Covid 19 is a big wave drowning out normalcy

This metaphor is how I feel Covid has affected everyone throughout its duration. In this I am not talking about getting sick, I am referring to the many cancellations and delays we have experienced to keep us safe. While it is for a good reason it can feel as though nothing is how it used to be. I imagine Covid as a huge wave at the beach while we are the kids trying to swim through it. Right now we are tumbling underwater just hoping our bathing suits stay on, but hopefully, soon we can come up for air.

Covid is a bottomless pit of surprises

Since the virus is so new we are finding new things out about it all the time. Especially a year ago it felt as though what we knew about this virus changed every day. Now we have a better understanding of what we are dealing with. At some point, it seemed like we would never know the truth.

If I were to create a new name for Covid I would refer to it as a break. I feel like this is a positive way to look at the quarantine for many people who may have needed some personal space or break from society. Personally, the beginning of quarantine helped my mental health tremendously and led me to figure out who I wanted to be away from my hometown. It gave me a blank calendar to research occupations and better my mental health. I would choose to look at it this way because giving it a name that resembles the many lives lost or awful times that came out of this would still show it as something hard to talk about and face. I want my name for it to make it an easier topic to discuss.

Hi my name is Victoria Neidnig and I am from Minisink NY. I love spending time with friends and family and being outside.