In February 2020 my high school cheerleading team got ready to go to Nationals in Orlando Florida. At the time we had heard the buzz about a new virus taking over china and being transferred in airports. We all laughed about it and made jokes about bringing it back to our school, but then our athletic director asked us to wear masks in the airport and on the plane to prevent us from getting sick. We took so many pictures with our mask on and thought we would never have to wear one of those again unless we are going into the medical field of course. Just a month later school shut down, a mask mandate was put on the state of New York and a cheer team we went against at states a week prior had reported they had 3 cases of covid. We were shocked to see the same mask we made fun of became a part of everyday fashion and safety and the joke “cold” had become a real danger to us. Some girls even said we jinxed it by wearing masks too early, but we were happy our season ended right before lockdown. Some sports cannot say their luck was the same. Overall this was one of the most ironic situations I had personally experienced during Covid.

Hi my name is Victoria Neidnig and I am from Minisink NY. I love spending time with friends and family and being outside.